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Greetings. I am the CM of Medyceles, Surawuth Wuwong.

As a Pharmacist, I initiated this business to ensure patients' well-being through the imperative provision of necessary care. I believe that ensuring high-quality, reasonably priced medicines following international standards enables easy patient access. This is my primary goal and determines my business success.
I made the deliberate decision to import Botulinum toxin products from Korea due to their extensive reported efficacy in treating a wide range of disorders, spanning over 200 medical indications.After completing the registration process with the Thai Food and Drug Administration, the product was licensed for import and sale in 2008 under the trade name Neuronox.


Neuronox, the first Korean-produced Botulinum toxin, is currently marketed in Thailand and holds the position as the fourth Botulinum Toxin product in the market.During a time when the popularity of botulinum toxin was relatively limited in Asia, Neuronox rapidly gained widespread recognition and adoption, being extensively utilized by numerous public hospitals and clinics.

Thailand's transition into a full aging society, accompanied by lifestyle changes and various bodily issues, has sparked the popularity of anti-aging practices. This, along with technological advancements, has led to the growth of new businesses, specifically in dermatology and beauty sectors.

Medytox Inc., the 6th largest producer of Botulinum toxin worldwide, partnered with Celeste (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to jointly develop Thailand’s dermatology and beauty market. This collaboration led to the establishment of Medyceles in 2017, with the aim of fully realizing the market's potential. 

Neuronox entered the market with a diverse range of sizes, and we subsequently imported HA Filler under the trade name Neuramis. Both product groups play crucial roles in the medical practice and business of dermatology and beauty.
Medyceles not only offers quality products but also provides before and after-sales services to ensure a comprehensive understanding of treatments and enhance skill proficiency, ultimately optimizing treatment results.


As a company executive, I am always ready to listen to feedback and adapt my work to be up-to-date.


Thank you sincerely.

Pharmacist and Chairman of Medyceles, 

Surawuth Wuwong.

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