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Vision  Mission  Values

Our business is related with pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic and dietary supplement 

product. To provide with various products and satisfied our consumers.


OUR Mission

Medyceles aims to be a part of people’s lives by offering Aesthetic and Biosimilar products  

with high quality, high innovation and at affordable price.

OUR Vision

To be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Thailand and Asia, admired for its aesthetic brands, innovation, qualities

and social responsibility contributing to a better and sustainable life.


Our values

Our values represent the basis for the development of our businesses.


Integrity as the core value of our business
Customer First is a fundamental ingredients of our success
Focus on developing people is fundamental to sustain our growth and make us even stronger
Excellence Quality with Innovative Spirit is a key to provide all products and services to people
Community Sharing is to make the world to be a better place
Commitment to diversity and the acceptance of differences

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